Libertine - adjective - Characterized by free indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Born 2016, Libertine Burger is the brainchild of a Warwickshire based chef/restauranteur who has made it his personal mission to turn the casual dining industry on its head! With a wealth of experience from working in some of the country’s top restaurants, the team at Libertine Burger have put their talents to the test in creating some amazing burgers, all cooked with some serious skill!

A Libertine Burger isn't just your run-of-the mill, plain old ordinary burger, it is something specifically designed for taste. The secret to its mouth-watering flavour is a passion for amazing produce, with only grass fed, 21 day dry aged beef used to create the succulent patties. This is freshly ground prior to serving, not just once, but twice, resulting in the juiciest, freshest tasting burger that you will ever put in your mouth!

They say that there is no accounting for taste, well, when it comes to our burgers, we respectfully disagree!

Join the revolution now…